Initial Look at FireEye's Saffron Rose Report

Tue 13 May 2014 by Wesley

FireEye just posted a new report, Operation Saffron Rose on a likely-Iranian-based hacker group, Ajax Security Team. It's always interesting to read reports like this as they come out, and try to see what you can find on Google and various malware-related sites before all of the search results ...

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A few notes "...the Importance of Originality and Citation"

Fri 09 May 2014 by Wesley

It has been brought to my attention that specifically mentioning the plagiarism incident involving the first edition of Dissecting the Hack in my previous post, On the Importance of Originality and Citation, might be considered unfair or insulting to the author, Jayson Street. While I have not heard personally from ...

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On the Importance of Originality and Citation

Wed 07 May 2014 by Wesley

(This article uses and adapts material developed for one that I have agreed, on request and perhaps against my better judgement, not to post. It was a shame to throw away good work that I feel expresses concerns that are important the the community, therefore I have reworked it into ...

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RE Class: Experiences With Malware Term Projects

Mon 21 April 2014 by Wesley

This week in my reverse engineering class, the students are presenting their work that they've performed throughout the semester on their term-length projects. A running theme through every course I teach is the importance I place on good technical writing and the ability to convey to others the results ...

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Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Fri 18 April 2014 by Wesley

I've decided it's time to relaunch While the majority of information security folks hold much of what they'd talk about on blogs over on Twitter now, I occasionally find myself having a bit more than 140 characters to say. The old and its ...

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