I've decided it's time to relaunch mcgrewsecurity.com. While the majority of information security folks hold much of what they'd talk about on blogs over on Twitter now, I occasionally find myself having a bit more than 140 characters to say. The old mcgrewsecurity.com and its content is still there, linked up top as "Old Site", but I've tried to update and have all of the current-day relevant stuff about me right here on the new one.

The biggest change, at least on my end, is that this is being served up as static content generated by Pelican. No more WordPress (even the "old site" has been rendered down to a static site). Here's what's great:

  • Less moving parts to go wrong. Pelican has a surprising number of dependencies, actually, but at least a failure won't cause the site to not serve up.
  • Less overhead. Most blogging platforms have far more functionality than I need.
  • More secure. WordPress and PHP are ticking time bombs on sites like this
  • It's a good excuse to not have comments, which I expect to improve the level of discourse. If you have something to say about something I say, direct it to my email or twitter. Air it out however you want, I'm mostly just tired of spam comments and the like.
  • It's sort of fun to play with something different.

I'll still post to twitter more often than not, but I may use this as a platform to be a little more verbose. I'll post links to twitter when I do. Some plans for this:

  • Discussion of the coming week's presentations by the students in my reverse engineering class
  • Looking forward to Black Hat USA / DEF CON 22. Hopefully will get to announce an acceptance to one or both again.
  • Book reviews

Watch this space.